Saturday, 13 September 2014

Drizzle & Sand (Ambient Online Vol. 3)

The third volume of Ambient Online Compilation is now available for download on Bandcamp! A massive world-spanning collection of truly beautiful and diverse ambient music from some of the most interesting ambient artists today, including Ascendant and Massergy.

My own contribution is this previously unreleased track called Drizzle & Sand, a slow piano-based piece moving through a coastal landscape of early autumn, daydreaming of a lost summer.

Order here:

Album cover art by Imi Fal.

Volume 2 was Bandcamp's top-selling ambient album for some time, and I believe this volume will be even better!

Ambient Online is an online community for makers and producers of ambient music, started by S1gns of L1fe (Ascendant). It's a place for exchange of ideas, collaboration, critique and, perhaps most importantly, a positive and constructive environment for creative workers.


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