Friday, 19 December 2014

New Album: The Lightest Touch

I'm very happy to announce that my third album is out now!

With sparse soundscapes and beautiful melodies it goes searching for the stillness within us. This is ambient music for daydreamers, with lightly treading pianos, occasional whispering strings mixed with the noises of the world.

"An incredibly beautiful and very tasty slice of ambient pie from one of my favourite Swedish composers, Ingemar Holmlid (aka Imi Fal)." Myristica (Mei-Ling Grey), musician, UK
"Outstanding. A real pearl." Moisés Daniel, Mangalyan Records, France
"This reflective and melancholic piece is one of the true beauties to be encountered on Soundcloud. Deserves to be in a guilded frame. Simple yet so enriching as it reaches out to an inner place. Lovely." Neil William Holland, writer, UK

Released on Record Union and available now on Bandcamp and Spotify, with iTunes and Amazon to follow soon.


Friday, 5 December 2014

Elskavon - Laekkandi

Here is a recent favorite of mine, Elskavon from Minneapolis. With his beautiful and melodious ambient music, he takes me places I have never been to before. Highly recommended!

You can also see his photographs at: