Thursday, 17 April 2014

Acupuncture for treating burnout

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has helped me innumerable times through the years with all sorts of problems, using herbs, moxibustion and of course acupuncture. In a recent study at Sahlgrenska University Hospital here in Göteborg, Tina Arvidsdotter treated patients suffering from burnout (or exhaustion syndrome as we often call it in Swedish) with acupuncture and therapeutic talks.

The treatment was surprisingly effective! 120 patients were involved in the study, and 80 received acupuncture and some kind of therapy sessions. About 50% of those having acupuncture described themselves as less depressed, having less anxiety and were generally more happy with their lives. In the control group, receiving a more typical treatment, only 10% felt improvement.

Tina Arvidsdotter, trained in traditional Chinese acupuncture and also a nurse, points out that more research is needed, but that acupuncture seems well suited for treatment of psychological health issues. And I couldn't agree more. The way I have experienced TCM treatments, they can have a very big impact on energy, mental strength and self-esteem. And their holistic approach to health is very interesting. If just a little bit of TCM treatments could be introduced into western medicine, I think it would be a big step forward.

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